Posted by: distributorcap | July 4, 2010

Say Goodbye To Hollywood


  1. I enjoy seeing a good movie in the theater, usually with my boys. WE enjoy the trailers where we give each picture presented a thumbs up, or a thumbs down, as to whether we wish to see it in the theater, or wait to rent it at the video store. At home watching a movie , I can pause it, rewind it, or do a hundred other things that take me out of the experience and back into my living room while being in the theater in the dark draws me more into a movie. And going to the movies is much more of an experience than dealing with the video store.

  2. Until I saw this I had forgotten about Fantastic Voyage!

  3. to kill a mockingbird. how could you leave that one out?

  4. Fantastic montage!America might be slipping in many areas, but on her birthday today it's nice to remember that we kick global ass in film and music!

  5. I think I remember about 97% of the actors in all those great movies. The sad thing today is there aren't many really great actors and even fewer good character actors.As for going out to the movies forget it. The last time I went you needed earplugs. Maybe they should just issue headphones with adjustable volume control. Good too for eliminating the cell phone calls.

  6. Check outLonely are the Brave from 1962Kirk Douglas…I think I was the only person to ever see it.I'd say it was his best movie…

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