Posted by: distributorcap | July 10, 2010

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

Figuring the way to America’s heart is through its iPod, one of our most talented members of Congress has launched her new career.

Sadly, Sarah is left cleaning up after Lady Kaka.



  1. I wouldn't be surprised if the right decides running water is for socialists because it is usually provided by the gummint.

  2. I think Mooselini lost the baby in that last picture, but it looks just like her.Regards,Tengrain

  3. Well those pictures will stay with me awhile;)Good stuff, wait till my wife sees this shit..Ha!

  4. Brilliant. Your photoshopping skills are fab. Assuming, of course, that these are photoshopped….

  5. This should piss somebody off I hope.

  6. Apparently, Michelle Bachmann was a happy housewife, who cared for her children and gave her husband anal on his birthday, until one day, God spoke to her and instructed her to run for political office.I'm not making this up. Bachmann actually tells people God told her to run for office. Naturally, she did as she was told.Have you noticed it's always the kooks (Bachmann, Bush II, Pat Robertson, Ted Haggard, et al) who report God "spoke" to them?I always hope the reporter asks these loons what language God speaks to them in? Hebrew? English? Mandarin? Pig Latin?

  7. lady blahblah cleaning up after lady kaka. that's fitting.p.s. you'd better hide before zippy sees these. she doesn't like anyone messing with her lady gaga.

  8. Sarah had a lot of experience scooping the poop. When she was on McCain's campaign, she had to change his Depends before joint appearances.

  9. skilz! excellent work.

  10. Fantastic art work and terrific comments.Didn't Palin once comment that it was God's plan that she be VP?

  11. I would pay good money to see Sarah up to her elbow in shit!

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