Posted by: distributorcap | July 30, 2010

The Usual Suspects

There was plenty of insanity to go around this week, most of it from the usual suspects.

1. Several prominent Republicans (who apparently all failed algebra) keep claiming that continuing tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% of Americans will not increase the deficit. After all, every time you give a rich person a tax cut, an Angel gets a Tiffany watch.

2. Elisabeth Hasselback (who apparently had her brain voted off the island on Survivor) stated that the reason middle age women “become gay” is because middle age men are only interested in younger women. So I guess we can expect another 10,000,000 single and widowed women to run out and buy Melissa Ethridge albums.

3. Sarah Palin (who apparently enjoys proving she is one of the dumbest people to ever be born) complained about Obama going on The View. Then again, maybe Palin has a point, since Obama had to be in the same room as Hasselback.

4. Oliver Stone (who apparently has been palling around with Mel Gibson) called the media “Jewish dominated” and said the Nazis did far more damage to the Russians than the Jews. Stone has also stated that Hitler was a scapegoat. As a note, Oliver Stone is Jewish.

5. Zack Wamp (who apparently left his heart in the Potomac) joined the chorus of the “warm-hearted” right said this about the unemployed “…And this is creating a culture of dependence which we do not need. We want people out there scraping and clawing and looking for work and not just sitting back waiting….” Yep, because with those $350 checks, those lazy welfare queens can buy 350 lottery tickets.

6. Lindsay Graham (who apparently will do anything to get the Teabaggers on his side) wants to rewrite the 14th Amendment, overturning the clause that says anyone born on US soil is a citizen. Unmarried, childless, “I am not gay” Lindsay Graham wants to change a portion of the constitution having to do with children.

7. Michael Clemente, Senior Vice President of News for Fox News (who apparently can sleep at night despite the fact his job is contributing to the decline and fall of America) claimed there was a breakdown in the “system” by allowing the Shirely Sherrod story to get on air before it was properly vetted. Yep – there was a breakdown – they got caught in propagating the lie this time.

8. The Iowa GOP (who apparently did not talk to Orly Taitz) wants to strip Obama of his US citizenship for accepting the Nobel Peace Prize. What I want to know, is how the Iowa GOP is going to do this considering Obama is Kenyan born Muslim socialist who doesn’t even have a green card.

9. Congress (who apparently really live in a Video Game) took weeks to find $33 billion to help 2.5 million Americans fighting to keep food on their tables, but took about an hour to to find $60 billion to help Americans fight 50 Al-Qaeda members in Afghanistan.

10. The Department of Defense (who apparently hired Arthur Andersen as their accountants) cannot account for 96% of the $9 billion dollars it allocated to Iraq for reconstruction. They might not be able to account for it, but i would bet $8.1 billion that Halliburton and a few other choice firms can.

11. Tom Tancredo (who apparently still hates immigrants) wants to impeach Obama. Get in line Tom, so does every other person in Congress and will undoubtedly begin proceedings if they take back the House.

12. Phyllis Schlafly (who apparently is still alive) said “”Unmarried women, 70% of unmarried women, voted for Obama, and this is because when you kick your husband out, you’ve got to have big brother government to be your provider.” Maybe Schlafly should listen to Hasselback, and allow those women to marry each other.



  1. Obama's feckless commitment to the idiocy called the Afghanistan war will cause him to travel down the same road Lyndon Johnson traveled vis a vis the Vietnam war.Unless Obama gets religion quickly, I predict here and now he will not be reelected in 2012.

  2. Chris, who's going to beat him?5. Good ol' Zach thinks Tennessee should secede over — get this — health care reform.6. The temerity of a southern politician calling for a change of so much as comma in the 14th Amendment is offensive and will be a hundred years from now and two hundred years from now.

  3. K,Gov. Ed Rendell (D-PA) said he expects Obama will face a Democratic primary challenger in 2012.Maybe someone who wears a pantsuit?

  4. ChristopherI agree with you that Obama is probably one term, but for most people Afghanistan doesn't exist.Now this economic situation in respect to unemployment and 25% of mortgage holders being upside down, that hits a little closer to home and will do Obama in.

  5. as long as obama takes this road of caution and trying to please everyone — and the economics continue to wallow — he is a one termerwelcome president romney or president mitch daniles – palin wont get the nomination.the country will just vote for the others and realize they are just as bad and then vote them outthe pin ball game will continue until the ONLY way out is a tilt – meaning states are finally going to just quit – yes states. unless this country is willing to change our ineffective and corrupt govt the 50 state experiment is doomed – and doomed soon

  6. The Great Appeaser I predict will not seek,and will not accept his party's endorsement for a second term.Sound familiar?Obama just doesn't have the fight in him. That will be proved if he backs down from letting the Bush tax cuts expire.

  7. i am so tired of you slappz

  8. if he is a one-termer it will be because the citizenry are just plain dumb. if we can't re-elect him, we deserve the consequences: the ascension of the right wing lunatic fringe. Shudder.The war for hearts and minds is killing people in Afghanistan, and it is an all-out game by Fixed News to drive our political destiny. Only the people can sort out the wheat from the chaff. Are we up to it?

  9. Aw man, dcap, I haven't read a good slappz screed of insanity in awhile. Quetzalcoatl 2012!

  10. I covered several of those, DC. Those wingers are getting wackier by the day!

  11. No one knows how to tie together datapoints like you, DCap.Great, good stuff!Regards,Tengrain

  12. Great post, thanks 🙂

  13. Ichabod: The Iraq and Afghanistan wars are hurting the economy, which is hurting Democrats.General Comment: I hope Zach Wamp loses his job. What an asswipe.

  14. Hi Cap;In respect to the strained relationships between the states and the feds, I agree.We see this happening more often lately, the states taking on the Feds for one thing or another.A famous ex KGB official and now an educator I believe, in Russia, forecast in 2008 that the 50 state union would break up, and he was serious. He didn't say exactly when.Considering the history of the US and what it has gone through, including the civil war, and other wars, McCarthyism and and a host of things, it has managed to pull through intact.That is saying something. Most Americans are patriotic, country first.For it to fall apart, it has to get a lot worse than now. The question is, will it?

  15. Another great post. And I hope the primary challenger is Howard Dean, but it won't be. Sigh. By the way, DCap, can you just block slappz? Easier to just block him than deal with his shit each day.

  16. oliver stone isn't jewish. his father was jewish, his mother wasn't, and he was raised as a protestant. he's a buddhist now. oh, and an asshole.

  17. The problem is that every single day you can make a list this long or longer. The crazies have the ear of the media, and somedays I just cannot cope with it all. I feel like I'm in a world gone utterly mad. I want to weep, scream, and throw things. It is not nice. I end up playing computer games just to calm down. I feel ineffectual to say the least.

  18. Ha! //every time you give a rich person a tax cut, an Angel gets a Tiffany watch.//Yupperz… it's a Wunderbar Life!

  19. Great list of news bytes – am truly surprised at Oliver Stone's comments…I too loved the Angel gets a Tiffany watch line! 😉

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