Posted by: distributorcap | August 1, 2010

Borders, Broken Water, and Books

This week an Arizona judge put a restraining order on some provisions of SB 1070, Arizona’s new immigration law. That didn’t stop non-elected governor Jan Brewer (she was elected Secy of State) from opening border control points.

While former first daughter and Stanford graduate Chelsea Clinton celebrated her wedding in style, former 1/2 first daughter of Alaska Bristol Palin, was canceling plans again for her walk down the aisle. It seems that her on-again-off-again fiance Levi was too busy to listen to one of his former-current-and-now-former fiancee’s $10,000 a-pop lectures on the virtues of abstinence.

Sarah Palin, the ex-ex-future mother-in-law and current sort-of-maybe-grandmother to Levi’s first child is prepping her ghost writer writing her second novel book. Apparently the wild success of the first one (which has landed as #1 on the $1 table and was purchased en masse by the Palins) has led her to believe her 2nd would be even a bigger hit. Her publisher, Harper Collins – which is owned by News Corp – which of course owns Fox News, which of course has Sarah Palin as one of their (notes-on-hand) talking Pinocchios, released the cover of their latest ploy to push more lies on the dolts who would rather read about the perils of Paline, than have health care and unemployment insurance.



  1. Brewer needs a life. Statistics doesn't back any of the false claims of an increase of crimes in Arizona.As a matter of fact, crime has gone down quite a bit in fact.Poor Bristol, wait two months for her announcement she's with child once more. That guy is smooth..

  2. Ooooh I love what you've done to the face!

  3. @Karen – he didn't do anything, that is the face!!!

  4. wow! they're putting princess sarah on the cover without her makeup? good thing they at least allowed her to keep the hair extensions.

  5. Bristol and Levi broke up again!?!?!?!?! It’s the end of the world, and several more covers on "People" and "Us" plus insipid segments on Entertainment Tonight and E-TV for Bristol and Levi.

  6. I am still in tears over the news that Bristol and Levi couldn't make a go of it!

  7. Priceless, man. Priceless. AZ's politico world is a joke. As are the Palins. As is Fox. Get out the vote against 'em AGAIN, folks!

  8. I've been working on a plan to move out of the US, and it's been really hard. Just when I think I should give up, something Palin rears up and reminds me why I need to do this. Now about that visa…

  9. as usual – slappz is a fucking racist

  10. No-Slap: You care to provide a source for this bullshit? It takes at least two years for the DOJ, the only reliable source, to compile these statistics.

  11. tnignore the lying racist Republican-bullshit loving slappznothing he says resembles the truth or realityhe makes things up – that is why he works on wall st.

  12. This slappy fella forgot the KKK and the Nazis were supposedly white guys. The Nazis had murder down to industry.Cap I read his last comment and decided give him some facts.

  13. ich – dont get sucked in to the slappz machinehe doesnt listen or care – he knows EVERYTHING and is always right – in other words he is a typical rightwing asshole who will ultimately ruin this countryignore him

  14. Can we deport Klan Brewer for being an asswipe?

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