Posted by: distributorcap | August 3, 2010

A Buck, A Yen, A Mark, A Pound

There is one thing Sarah Palin (and teabaggers) loves more than anything else….



  1. CappyRead this slow, because that's how my brain is working after viewing the duo of Palen and Pal. After a visit to your site I sometimes laugh, chuckle, grin, and even a belly guffaw. This time, my jaw dropped,eyes bugged,wonderment set in. Did I enjoy it,absolutely, Do I think your a bit off,Positively. The good news is I don't think your dangerous yet..;)

  2. Of course, you do realize, the more you create this stuff the more money she will make and the more she has to fight against? Only makes her stronger.

  3. This beats the original Cabaret!

  4. This was your most amazing video ever. AMAZING!I'm gonna send it to everyone I know.

  5. I hope Joel Grey never sees that. I hear he has a mean hook to the jaw for a short fellow.Regards,Tengrain

  6. Wonderful video – and very true!

  7. Wonderful video – and very true!

  8. Love It!!! Can I filch it for my blog?

  9. Several of my internal stitches have now broken I think… Do not make me laugh this hard post op!!!

  10. this is my favorite of your videos so far.

  11. Wunderbar!

  12. I love old movies.;)Bravo, Maestro!

  13. Zapped! More flies came out of her mnouth today, in fact.This reminds me of a movie I stumbled unto once called The Pope of Utah. I suppose this one co-stars the Dope of Alaska'

  14. Oh Jeez! Funny! But you have to wonder why these suckers are willing to pay Palin $75 to $100 K to spew a pre fabbed speech?I guess there is one born every minute….. As for me, you could not pay me to attend a Palin jaw flap session. When she came to town for a repug fundraiser, the media was not even allowed in the room! They had to sit in a different room w a closed circuit TV. That way there is no risk of …… questions!My favorite protest sign from the unwelcoming committee–Palin better hope God is not a WOLF

  15. That is so funny, but it may give me nightmares.

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