Posted by: distributorcap | July 31, 2010

Go All The Way

Back to the 70s



  1. Thanks for the memories…some good…some not so good.

  2. Very nice work on this D-Cap, a great retrospective.

  3. Abba, but no Sabbath? You're an awful, awful man. At least you threw up some Zeppelin. 🙂

  4. Terrific montage! Great movies, unappreciated music, and questionable hair. We saw Jackson Browne last night. He can still bring it.

  5. Jeez Cappy, they all look so young!Except the chairman he just looks dead. What the hell man, it seems like just yesterday.Wonder when they do the 2000 till now montage what it will be like…Oh! never Mine..

  6. My hair just feathered and how did these braces get back on my teeth? What magic is this?

  7. Ah yes, I remember those bicycles with banana seats, disco music becoming all the rage, step (?) dancing with the Bee Gees, hard rock, drugs, big fros, etc. Last night hubby and I went to an E P Hall concert in Bloomington at a local bar and we were the oldest people there. Oh well, she was still worth seeing.

  8. No Ramones, no Sex Pistols, no Atari, no Apple, no Microsoft…You and I didn't live through the same 1970s.

  9. I'm not picky. I love what you have – down to that Pet Rock! It's something I want to watch again and again and again. Thanks.

  10. Come to think of it – every Sat. I feature a video from the 60s and 70s. I would love to put this up today with all due credit and links, of course. If I don't hear from you in about an hour, I'll go ahead with it.

  11. Anyone who missed living back then really missed a helluva time. In my five decades, I have to say the 70's was my favorite so far.Good job~

  12. Easy Bake Ovens and ABBA are the only things that could have made that better for me. Wait, was there Queen? Oh, you know, it's hard to get it all in there. Great job!

  13. thanks to all of you and matty ye i forgot some thingsand i am gonna go back and add them2am video productions can have a few shortcomings

  14. Tim wrote:"Jeez Cappy, they all look so young!"All of us did, Tim!Karen: Hear, hear. A totally underrated decade. I had a great time, too!Matty: I saw the Sex Pistols at Randy's Rodeo in San Antonio. I've never seen a band — or anything else, for that matter — feed off of hostility the way they did. Has anyone else watched Men of a Certain Age? A must for children of the 70s!

  15. I apologize for the scolding tone. It's a very short time to put in images from ten years of stuff happening. Definitely, computers, video games and punk rock are a bigger part of my consciousness than they are for a lot of people. I'd have a very hard time telling you what images to take out to put those in, though I will admit Peter Frampton meant nothing to me then and still means nothing today. At least you didn't put in Boston.There are a couple of things you have in for eight beats that might work in four, like Chris Evert and Jonestown. In music, I'd put in the Stones, Stevie Wonder and the Jackson Five for sure, and I would have thought you'd put in the Yankees instead of the Big Red Machine, given that you're a New Yorker.Everyone's a critic, but I'm an asshole critic sometimes. ;^}

  16. k, i love men of a certain age.the early 70's were fun. i wish i remembered them. ;o)

  17. mattyi didnt take it that way at all – i actually appreciate yours and everyone else's suggestions! and i realize i had 2 chris evert pics (maybe because i played tennis throughout the 70s like every weekend)so thanksps – i HATE the yankees

  18. ABBA has always been my guilty pleasure. I liked them before they were cool (again!)

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