Posted by: distributorcap | July 27, 2010

Bored to Tears

I know it is all a matter of opinion, but here is my list of the most boring movies I have seen

25. Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
24. What Dreams May Come
23. Mission to Mars
22. Changing Lanes
21. Event Horizon
20. The Old Man and the Sea
19. Rumor Has It
18. Star Trek I
17. The Great Gatsby
16. Wild Wild West
15. Gosford Park
14. Out of Africa
13. Dune
12. Three Women
11. Cold Mountain
10. Horse Whisperer
9. The Happening
8. 2001 A Space Odyssey
7. Contact
6. Dances With Wolves
5. The Ring
4. Empire
3. Even Cowgirls Get the Blues
2. Mission Impossible

and the envelope please:
The Most Boring, Ridiculous, Uninteresting movie of ALL TIME

1. The Blair Witch Project

go ahead – give me your choices



  1. You've already named a whole slew of ones I agree with except I did enjoy Contact and loved Gosford Park. I'm too bored to think of my own choices. Or is that too lazy?

  2. Dale is really going to think I'm stalking him now, but I am with him on Contact. It is lame but has things about it that I love and I was not bored.It is lazy Dale, but like you, I'm lazy!

  3. I didn't like Contact. The chemistry between Jodie Foster and Matthew McWhatever was nonexistent. I avoided most of the others. One film I hated that most people loved was "Fight Club." Hated Sixth Sense too. Just me.

  4. The Toy popped in my head.speaking of pop…Popeye yukyukyukyuk

  5. Out of Africa was supposed to be so special, and I couldn't wait until it was over!

  6. Two of my all time unfavorites:A bridge too farDas Boot (and there was an American version something like 856 or 586 or something like that)

  7. I was too queasy to get bored by Blair Witch. HEY, EMAIL ME PLEASE. I have tried emailing you a couple times.

  8. I'd add the "English Patient", and "Lost In Translation" which I really really wanted to like. I was checking my watch every 5 minutes. And maybe it's heresy to say this but I also though "Titanic" was incredibly boring (when it wasn't schmaltzy).

  9. I'm with you on 2001. Yawn.

  10. I loved Gosford Park. In fact, when I can't sleep, I watch it and…..oh. Nevermind.

  11. Pissed is so right – Fight Club is like sleep medication for me!!

  12. pretty much anything with adam sandler, dane cook, jim carey or that douche bag david spade."there will be blood." daniel day lewis has to be one of the most overrated actors in history. plays the same character (dick with a mustache) in every movie."mars attacks." annoying, and horse face was in it. Neigh?!?!?did i mention dane cook?christ, what an asshole.

  13. I would like to nominate "My Dinner with Andre."Seriously, what were they thinking?Nevermind waterboarding suspected terrorists to get them to divulge secrets. Just tie them to a chair and force them to watch "My Dinner with Andre."The film is truly a bona fide torture technique.

  14. Ha; I've only seen half of those films, but 3 of them are faves— Out of Africa, 2001, and Dances With Wolves.Both Streep and Redford were excellent in OofA, and the story telling was too; exposing male chauvinism and white racism gets me every time.I admit acid made 2001 a more memorable experience, but the monolith is part of my permanent spiritual record now.Dances w Wolves was a period piece with several unattractive, eclectic characters, but films that show different races clashing, particularly the red and the white, are instructive in ways that go way beyond cinema. Just sayin'.Contact was mostly boring just like Sagan's book, but it did have a wonderful shot of a spiral galaxy that made the film worthwhile (as did the opening sequence) and the scene "on the beach" of another world was terrific; despite the fact Jody Foster was in it.

  15. I just saw "Men WHo Stare At Goats" and thought it was going to be hysterical and was soundly disappointed. 😦 Waaaaay boring.

  16. i agree completely about gosford park, but that's mostly because i couldn't understand a friggin' word they said. i agree with toujoursdan about the english patient and titanic (i was rooting for the iceberg after the first 5 minutes). i would also add citizen kane and a beautiful mind.

  17. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. The 20 minutes I stayed for, anyway.Touch of Evil. I've never understood its classic status. Charlton Heston as a Mexican detective with a pencil mustache? Give me a break.Lost in Translation. Bill Murray becomes synonymous with narcolepsy. In comparison, Keanu Reeves is a ham and Elvis was John Gielgud.

  18. I'm guessing we're around 80-90% in agreement.Excruciating movies, not necessarily boring: Death in Venice, La Vie en Rose. And there are others. (p.s. I dig Dirk Bogarde, Marion Cotillard, regardless).More editing would have helped most of the ones on your list. Compression.

  19. You have left out the dreaded "serial" movies. For this I'd like to nominate:The Twilight Saga.Please, oh please. I would love a werewolf to actually come out of the screen and munch on my entrails.Lord of The Rings.Why, oh why? Can one of those black horsey guys impale me on something? Actually makes Harry Potter seem exciting.

  20. I don't usually last a whole movie if anyone can make me sit down long enough to watch one (ahem, the hubby) but I have to say I did like Contact and Dances with Wolves, maybe cuz those are my people.

  21. All time most boring? 2001.

  22. I liked Dances with Wolves.

  23. I liked Dances with Wolves.

  24. I vote for any number of movies about weddings.

  25. Totally agree on Star Trek I (and I'm a Trekkie from way back – luckily the movies got better after that one), and 2001. (And what the heck DID that ending mean???). I have to confess, however, I was actually scared by the Blair Witch Project. It helped that I saw it in the actual movie theater so had that willing suspension of disbelief and the lack of distractions around to keep me focused on it.

  26. Further comment based on comments – I thought Das Boot was totallyh mesmerizing. My husband and I saw it in the movies in the original German (with subtitles), while we were dating back in the day. We came out feeling shell-shocked. Couldn't believe the devastating ending. I thought it was very tense and suspenseful throughout.On the other hand I want to add my agreement with "Lost in Translation." Depressing and dull.

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